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Elizabeth Y.

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Hello, I am elizabeth, a young lady from nigeria who lives in Manaus, Brazil. I teach English fluently, speak it proverbially, compose songs in it, hold English public speaking and write english fluently, fully punctuated. Apart from it being my native, local language, i studied english while in school, having distinctions in it. I am a passionate award-winning teacher, writer and speaker and i have been doing this for over ten years. I have a masters in journalism. My class is an advantage as i am down-to-earth, patient, loving and attentive to even the slow students. I will teach you the intricacies of this rich language: the conversation, the grammar, the proverbs and idioms, adages, folktales and so on. At the end of the lessons, you will be able to have meaningful conversations in english language, write, translate in english and do wonders in this endowed language. I am simply the best teacher for you in this interesting area and i can't wait for you to click on my profile and lets have a ride.

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